Mendez Hot Sauce + SDGs


Social Impact

For 13 years Mendez has provided decent work to farming families accelerating the Sustainable Development Goals in Central Brazil. Providing farmland, agricultural training and guaranteed purchase of crops has already changed the lives of 112 families. Here are a few of their stories:

The Rodriguez family has been part of the Mendez family farming collective for 5 years. At first, they had just a small plot of land and were planting and harvesting corn instead of chili peppers.

Because of Mendez’s guaranteed purchase of chili peppers throughout the year, they expanded their production to include malagueta peppers, and habanero peppers. Together with increasingly larger yields and acquisition of new property, their family farming is becoming a multi-generational business.

Social Impact of Mendez Hot Sauce

SDG #8 Objective

Employ 1000 Family Farmers in Central Brazil

(112 families out of 1000)


The Qualhato family was one of the first to join the Mendez farming collective over 10 years ago. Because of Rafael Mendez’s first initiative to guarantee the purchase of chili peppers, the family was able to transition to farming peppers full time.

As they continue to be top producers, they have moved from just farming to managing the family farming region. Additionally their first motorbike, first truck, first home, sending their kids to school…everything in their lives changed for the better.

Because of your Mendez Hot Sauce purchases
we’re only 4,444,687 bottles
from accomplishing our objective.


The Gomez family is the newest member of the Mendez family farming collective. However, 3 months ago their son Samuel was born with Gastroschisis causing the family to spend 2 months in an ICU several hours away from their family farm.

In this time of crisis, other local farmers came together with Mendez to harvest their crop of malagueta peppers. Then, Mendez was able to purchase this crop to support the Amazon launch of Mendez Hot Sauce for the USA market.